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(Roach Infested) Ken-Tech Model T-430

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  • (Roach Infested) Ken-Tech Model T-430

    Hello. While cleaning out my parents garage, I came across a Ken-Tech model T-430, which probably hasn't been used in over 30 years. I don't know much about flip clocks but have always liked them, but I hate modern flip clocks that are chrome and bare, lacking the personality of flip clocks from the 70s and 80s. What's not to like about simulated wood grain? I was kind of delighted to come across this... roach infested old clock. It seems like a lot of bugs decided to make this thing their home, and proceeded to all die. But I figure it'll be a fun project to clean up and get working again. Sorry I don't have pictures from before I opened it, I was in a bit eager to knock out some of the bugs. I also have not plugged it in yet to see if it still works until I can clean it out more because I don't want it to short or anything like that. When turning the knobs, it turns freely and doesn't bind up or anything, however it appears the tabs that hold the minute digits upright are broken off so it shows 11 minutes later than the real time and minute numbers are facing upwards. I will have to try and come up with a solution for that. It also has green numbers and what looks like a blacklight bulb below. Looked up "blacklight flip clock" on Google images and it'll be cool if it glows like that at night. The clear front plastic window has gone a bit yellow and I wonder if a rub down with plastx might help.

    I haven't found much information on this clock, and I'm sure it's not the most desirable, but It doesn't look like too big of a project and it's better than just throwing it away. Any other tips you want to pass along, I'm all ears. Thanks.

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    That clock deserves your love and attention. Good old soap and water may get the front clear plastic looking better. You might be surprised. But if not, you know what to do.
    I'm thinking that you can glue some sort of plastic pieces to hold back those minutes (of course, be careful! no glue on the digits or case). I'm just looking forward to hear what you came up with,
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