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Welcome to Flip Clock Fans!

Flip clocks have been making a comeback in recent years as people seek retro items for home decor.
- This site is dedicated to the fans of flip clocks - collectors, decorators, buyers and sellers.
- It is highly recommended that you check out the Forum - our online community sharing information on flip clocks - including restoration.

The FlipClockFans YouTube Channel

Our YouTube Channel features many "how to" videos regarding restoration and other, hopefully entertaining videos just showing off some of the clocks in the FlipClockFans collection. Below you'll see a featured video from the channel.

From the FlipClockFans Channel


About Flip Clock Fans

The Beginning of the Fascination
This website is the result of my personal fascination with flip clocks. As a child back in the 70s I gazed in wide wonder as my friend showed me his brand new Panasonic flip clock. I'm not sure exactly what model it was,  but I suspect that it was an RC6040 or RC6030. In any event, it was faux woodgrain and simply wonderful. I think I spun the clock around 3-4 times before I was made to leave it alone.

Time went by and before I could own a flip clock myself, they were replaced by the new and "improved" digital LED clocks. It wasn't until I saw the movie, Groundhog day in 1993 that I remembered how much I loved those flip clocks. Near the 20th Anniversary of this movie, (which is my favorite), I realized that I simply had to have one of those clocks. And it was on ... 

In Search of the Perfect Clock
Unfortunately for my bank account, I just had to have the perfect clock. So I bought several of the white Panasonic RC6025s and learned how to disassemble and clean these clocks, taking the best of each to make my perfect clock. The "leftovers" were resold on eBay, going out clocks to Flip Clock Fans in places like Macau, and Moscow, Russian Federation, as well as the USA.

The Flip Clock Becomes An Obsession
In the process of buying and selling the Groundhog Day movie clocks, I discovered the other movie prop clocks - the Back To The Future clock, and the clock that appeared in the Tommy Lee Jones movie, No Country For Old Men. I just had to have one each of those too.

These days, I appreciate most any sort of flip clock and choose to buy clocks simply based on their looks. From the buying and selling on eBay and other sites, I have realized that there must be a significant following of these clocks out there. And so, this site was born.

Where Do We Go From Here
The site hosts a full featured forum where like-minded flip clock fanatics can come to share their photos, stories and ideas about these wonderful clocks. This happy place will become a place to share tips and tricks regarding these clocks, repair/refurbishing ideas, as well as potentially a meeting place to make new friends. The Forum was opened, March 2, 2014.

~ Mackey
Site Administrator

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