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Radio clock Tenko whit motor not good.

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  • Radio clock Tenko whit motor not good.

    Dear friends. I started to repair my old Tenko radio clock, but unfotunaly I found the problem, the problem was this, there is broken inside principal plastic gear of magnetic motor (I attached a picture of this motor) for this reason the motor are dead...... there is possibility to have a new one or one used? please to give your idea, I want to rpaier this radio closcl it is most important.......... many thank Francesco

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    Many of these clocks are very old. Most of the motor makers have stopped making the motors. If you cannot find another clock like it to make one good from two broken, then perhaps a 3D Print of a new gear will work. Printing would take some time to design and print.


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      It would be possible to fit an engine like this,

      but how many revolutions per minute should make that motor that has an internal gearmotor