The Knowing Flip Clock
As appears in the 2009 Nicholas Cage Movie "Knowing"

Movie Synopsis: Fifty years after it was buried in a elementary school time capsule, a schoolgirl's number filled sheet of paper, written under the influence of mysterious, whispering beings, finds it way into the hands of Caleb Koestler, the son of M.I.T. professor John Koestler (Nicolas Cage). John comes to realize that the encoded message accurately lists every major disaster with significant deaths, from the past five decades, and predicts three future catastrophes. The most horrific being the end of the world. After the first two of the last three predicted events occur, John seeks the help of the daughter and granddaughter of the girl who originally wrote the document to try to avert the ultimate disaster. As the movie progresses, it becomes increasingly apparent that Caleb was specifically chosen to receive this prophecy. The end reveals the identity of the whisperers, and their great and terrible plan to save the human race.

The Knowing Flip Clock: Well, if you blink, you'll miss it, at 35:24 into the movie - in the home of John Koestler, on his desk, you'll first see a one second glimpse of the clock at 11:59 pm. This is the best view of the clock showing the entire clock from the front. John is up, drinking hard liquor and watching the news, waiting for the next day to occur to see if the sheet of numbers will actually predict the next disaster. At 35:34 in the movie you see a close up on the digits only, as the clock flips from 11:59 to 12:00 am, again, for literally one second. Finally at 36:11 the clock can be seen close up at an oblique angle as it flips from 3:28-3:29 pm (for a whopping 2 seconds). Altogether, then, the Knowing Flip Clock appeared for 4 seconds total, over the course of 40 seconds in the first quarter of the movie. Not much exposure for this movie flip clock.

Critique (spoiler alert): I had never seen this Nicholas Cage flick when it first came out (premiered March 20, 2009). And even if I had, that was before the beginning of my flip clock obsession. Categorizing this movie can be difficult. Clearly it's science fiction, but it also has elements of horror, mystery, drama, father-son, and action-thriller. Overall, I found this movie ... entertaining. It was what we call around the home, "watchable."

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However, once it's over, if you dare to think back on the whole story line, you might ask yourself ... "Why?" Why did these whisperers torture the little girl, essentially her whole life, eventually leading to her suicide? Why was it even necessary to go about revealing the end of the world, if there was nothing that could be done? To be fair, it was stated at one point that the children had to be "willing." Whatever that means. I'm not sure how scaring the hell out them all to get them to be willing was good or even necessary.

And how in the world did these beings predict events 50 years into the future. Aliens are one thing, but these would be more like gods ... or devils! I couldn't tell if this movie was trying to brainwash me into an ancient alien mindset or something else or if it was just trying to be fantastic. Since numerology played heavy in the plot, some have tried to decipher the meaning of the clock flipping from 3:28 to 3:29. One YouTuber even suggesting that it was because 3/28 was his birthday, and that God had chosen him to reveal the evil of this movie. I'm serious.

But to me, the clock flipping to 3:29 pm just indicated that the drunken John was late to pick up his boy due to staying up all night waiting for the next calamity. Obviously, the 11:59 to 12:00 am flip just indicated the changing of the date.

In the end, Knowing was just a watchable movie. I'd recommend it, if you need something out of the ordinary.

The Distinctive Knowing Flip Clock: Interestingly, the makers of this movie did not try to hide the make of the clock. It's clearly a Copal flip clock of the "Tuning Fork" variety. Apparently, "Tuning Fork" clocks are just an early style or type of Copal Clocks. They all had the tuning fork symbol and often the words "Tuning Fork" printed on the clock. Honestly, I had never, in my whole flip clock history, seen this particular model flip clock. No help from Google, except that I saw the wide variety of Tuning Fork Copals. But in a stroke of luck (or just maybe ... it was planned all along), one popped up on eBay. Listen Flip Clock Fans: You have to love eBay. This is the second movie/TV flip clock that I've Identified through the use of eBay. In any event, eBay or a higher power revealed to me, that the Knowing Flip Clock is: the Copal Model T-7.

Clock Details The clock measures about 7 inches wide, 5 inches tall and just over 3 inches deep. The clock runs on one D-cell battery and includes an alarm function. The clock I purchased was sold as a non-working clock. However, all I did was clean the battery contacts and off it went. I'm in the process of whitening the case which has yellowed considerably. Later I'll do a YouTube video to reveal the results.

Where have all the T-7's gone?
Check it out for yourself. You just can't find the Copal Model T-7. Google searches only turned up the eBay listing. It's likely that this article will eventually be added the the search result but honestly, I can't find this clock out there. It's a mystery. The Aliens must be behind this.

Video of the clock details and disassembly

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