Flip Clock Fans Official T-shirt

The design of the FlipClockFans.com official T-shirt pays tribute to the country that really perfected the design
of the clock and manufactured mechanisms that have lasted 40 plus years - Japan.
The shirt features the kanji symbols for the Japanese yojijukugo èµ·æ*»å›žç”Ÿ pronounced kishi kaisei ("kee-she ki-say"), which translates, "wake from death and return to life." (A yojijukugo is a four-character idiomatic compound - basically a special kind of Japanese proverb).
Kishi Kaisei means come back from an impossible situation. It was likely said during the recovery from WWII and probably more recently after the Tohoku earthquake March 11,2011, the resultant a tsunami, with the related nuclear accident at the Fukashima nuclear power station. It can also be used in less serious life situations.

If you think about it, you'll see that perhaps in the most famous movie with a flip clock (GroundHog Day), Phil Connors had a Kishi Kaisei moment when he finally "woke up" on Feburary 3rd.

Elements of the shirt
  • Kanji symbols - representing the proverb "wake from death and return to life."
  • A Vintage looking alarm flip clock branded "FlipClockFans.com" (of course!) - representing the website as well as Japanese ingenuity and design - obviously a mechanism for waking ...
  • Color gradient from left to right - symbolic of the movement from death to life.
  • The number 7 - Considered a very lucky number by many Japanese (and others). Interestingly, in Japan it us customary to mourn the 7th day after a person dies and to celebrate the 7th day of a baby's life.
  • Retro colors! - The color scheme is representative of the late 60s. The Japanese company Nidec Copal began production of flip clocks about 1967 and basically took over the market as far as motors. There are a total of 7 colors (there's that number again) as the screen print uses the color of the shirt and there are 6 colors printed on the shirt.
  • "Kishi Kaisei" - printed under the dial of the clock ... The pronunciation of the kanji symbols.
  • "wake from death and return to life" - Direct English translation (7 words) of the proverb at the top.
The shirt was custom printed by one of the premier screen print companies - this is quality that will last.
See shirt sizing chart below. The person pictured in this listing wearing the shirt is 6 foot tall and wearing a large shirt

Don't Miss the the promotional video below to see t-shirt details and the story behind this shirt. It's a music video of sorts, the sound kicks in later in the video.


pictured - a size large on a 6 foot tall 21 year old.

At this time not taking public orders. Members should contact Mackey.