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  • New FlipClockFans Member Rank - Site Contributor

    To designate members that have made a significant contribution to the content of this site, a new rank has been established : site contributor.

    From the help file description:

    A site contributor is special rank awarded to a member of that has made a significant contribution to the site in terms of information regarding flip clock restoration. This rank was added to on 4/9/2017.

    A site contributor is designated by the special "site contributor" icon beneath their member name in forum posts

    How do I become a site contributor?

    Make a significant contribution to the forum by posting information about your personal experience with restoration of a flip clock. It's especially important to include pictures and details that will help other site visitors fix their own flip clocks. While all participants at FlipClockFans are highly valued and each make contributions, the site supporter will have made a notable and significant contribution to the site's content.

    What if I feel I deserve the rank of site contributor?

    Contact the Administrator and let him know! State your case! Let Mackey (the Administrator) know that you feel you deserve this designation.

    Can I lose the site contributor rank?

    Yes. If it's been an extended period that you have not participated in the forum (6 months or more), your site contributor rank will drop off. This is not punishment! The rank is just to designate to others that you are someone with experience and are available to help with questions, or is just a member to keep an eye on regarding flip clock restoration.

    If I'm not considered a "site contributor" does that mean I'm a schlub?

    Absolutely not! All members are highly valued and many people's posts are contribute to the value of this site to other members and the public at large. You are a highly valued part of this community!

    What is a schlub?

    schlub: [SHləb] (noun) a talentless, unattractive, or boorish person.
    origin: 1960s: Yiddish shlub, perhaps from Polish żłób.

    Does the site contributor rank image change?

    The image used to designate a site contributor will always include the text "site contributor.". The actual image used may be changed by the Administrator from time to time.

    ~ Mackey Site Administrator
    If you have any questions/comments Contact Me
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