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  • Howdy, everyone...

    I've just signed up. I was on before as a different username with one post I think, but I've shed that name and decided to start anew...

    I restore flip clocks, regular clocks and other timepieces, including vintage Seiko divers and the like. I do plastic restorations, motor/gearbox rebuilds, gear molding and LED conversions and build my own custom miniature voltage reducers to convert 120v to 2 or 3 volts forward voltage. I sell clocks on Ebay from time to time.

    See you all around.

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    Hi TimeRider, I tend to buy unrefurbed but I appreciate how you are clear on what has been done and it's not just cosmetic. You've been on my list to buy from if I want some of the work done ahead of time, your prices are quite reasonable in my opinion.


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      Thanks, Retro

      I try to keep the clocks as original as possible. I know some people want the neon bulbs and I've done a few of those during a refurb. Most people have wanted LEDs thus far so I focus on that.


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        Hello! I was actually just watching one of your clocks a few days ago! I didn't ultimately go for it as there was another clock I was eyeing that has sentimental value for me, but I was sorely tempted to bid. I'd also been considering contacting you to see what, if any, whitening techniques you used while restoring them.