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Hey, I am from TAIWAN!

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  • Hey, I am from TAIWAN!

    I'm an flip clock collector and seller. I have a coffee shop named "FUJI 161". My most flip clock buy from Japan ,but some from US. It good for me to share my collection to all of you. If you are interest in my coffee shop, my shop`s FB website:

    my part collection of flip clock

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    nice collection!
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      Great looking collection , and Welcome. Looks like you have some great finds. Cheers!


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        Hmmmm, the white and orange one (with the light) on top, they are just amazing! I have seen them before in Japan, but somehow I seem to be unable to find or purchase one.

        What kind of price would they be (provided that you would be able to find one) in euros?

        I love your colourful collection!


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          What you mentioned flip clock with light is TOSHIBA CLOTTY .and it is three kinds just like picture. About the price , I don`t remember now . Maybe you can search on the ebay of Japan . But if you wanna buy .you have to consider about the vollt and HZ.


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            Thank you for the cool pictures!

            Yes, I am aware of the voltage and even of the (possible!) hz issue... I was just wondering what the price would be (approximately) to buy one in Japan, because it is really difficult to find a (online) market place in Japan which, as a foreigner, you can also use...