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Howdy from beautiful Southern California!

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  • Howdy from beautiful Southern California!

    Hi all...just wanted to introduce myself to you all.

    I just got into rebuilding clocks about a year ago. I have been restoring watches (mainly 60s/70s/80s Seikos) for about 3 years. Mostly diving watches, but others, as well.

    Lately, I have rebuilt 2 Sony TCM-C770W cylinder clock radios. They look like flips, but are actually cylinders for each set of numbers. Huge clock radios they are with exceedingly robust movements! Wood cased. They are lit by a miniature black light tube hidden in front for the clock digits. The radio and alarm displays are standard bulbs. Fun to work on, but the motors are a little noisy with a tick-tick-tick I assume to emulate an analog clock. After oiling they are substantially quieter. Everything now works...even the alarms. Radio or buzzer! I have a 3rd I am in process with. I will probably sell all of the Sonys once they are complete.

    I also just completely rebuilt a Panasonic RC-6003 which now lives on my nightstand after being totally disassembled, cleaned, oiled, new lights, etc.

    So, that's it so far....more to come!