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Hello From New Orleans, LA

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  • Hello From New Orleans, LA

    I haven't had a flip clock for 30 years. I remember Christmas 1986 I got a brand new Sony Dream Machine to replace my basic buzzer flip clock alarm. A couple weeks ago I was drunk eBaying and decided I was going to get a flip clock since I was in need of a alarm clock for the nightstand in my new apartment. Wanting instant gratification I went to the Buy-it-Now listings for "mint" "tested" flip clock radios. I decided on this nice circa 1970 Panasonic RC-7021in white. This clock radio is much nicer than the one I had as a kid, and is most likely older. It is not perfect tough, so I will be asking some questions in the forum soon.

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    I just read that... drunk eBaying. That's funny.
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      Drunk eBaying is very dangerous!