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  • Hello from St. Charles, MO

    I became interested in flip clocks a couple months ago when I needed a new clock and couldn't find anything decent in any retail stores. I'm old enough to have had a flip clock back in the early 70's, but I didn't need one. My dad would just yell down the stairwell "time to get up!"
    Anyway, I've got a couple old GE's I found new in the box, a really clean Panasonic RC-6025 ground hog clock I got on eBay. That was a great deal and kind of a fluke. I have a Panasonic RC-7469 on the way from an eBay seller "stormchaser34105". I can't believe how many Panasonics and Sony's this collector sells on eBay. Lastly I have one of those Copal "mystery clocks" like Mackey has on one of his recent Youtube videos. At the end he shows a Woodwick candle glass jar to use as an enclosure for it. I confess, I stole your idea, Mackey. I had a fun afternoon putting that together the other day. I can post pictures in a different thread if anyone wants to see it.
    There's my long winded hello. Have a great weekend and happy holidays guys.

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    Hi Matt
    Thought I'd say hi since you are the first (and only) respondent to my post! I like fixing things, love the mechanics of these, enjoy an Ebay bargain, my wife likes retro, and I like collecting stuff that MIGHT actually be worth more (or at least no less!) in the future. That's my reasoning.


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      Hi Greg. I'm into a lot of different vintage hardware that still gets the job done. Audio, photography equipment among other things and most recently flip clocks. Interesting mechanisms that were sold briefly back in the day and many have survived decades. Hard to resist for me and my wife doesn't seem to mind. Big plus.


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        Hi, Matt. Welcome!


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          Welcome guys , and welcome to flip clock fans !