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Flip clocks are a possible metronome for sleep

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  • Flip clocks are a possible metronome for sleep

    I'm a fairly heavy sleeper, and it's unusual to not get 6-8 hours without waking up. A few years ago, my clock started to stick, so unplugged it until I had the time to work on it. For those days(night shift worker) without my clock flipping away, I noticed a significant change in my sleep pattern. I slept very light, waking up several times throughout the day. I don't think I stayed in my REM cycle for too long, if I even got there at all. At the moment I didn't have any known factors that affect sleep, like stress, diet changes, alcohol consumption, ... My second experience of this happening was unplugging the clock for DST, and passed out before the hour passed.

    I want to know if anyone had experienced a change in their sleep when you go for a night or two without have a clock flipping away every minute.

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    Yes! That's funny you mention that. We are rapping up a major home renovation and I had all sorts of stuff packed up. For a couple of years I've used a Groundhog Day (Panasonic RC-6025) as my nightstand clock. It's not a particularly loud flipper, but you can hear it. For a while I used a little Sunbeam "Digi-Time" DT1 (it's definitely a loud flipper), but I actually think that was disturbing me. It wasn't until I put the 6025 back that I started to have my normal sleep pattern.
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