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Groundhog Day Alarm Clock Version - contemplations.

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  • Groundhog Day Alarm Clock Version - contemplations.

    I don't know if the topic was previously discussed
    But I want to make out on shots of the move very much in detail
    and i want to the future to with your help detected what a clock are used in the props
    Where they were taken?

    Subject 1
    Not used hole on the bottom
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    Subject 2
    Very much lights
    I counted - 3 light sources. Please look
    Interesting how they fixed there (bulbs) ?


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      Subject 3
      Strange things
      What is this?


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        All these inconsistencies are due to several issues. Per a props guy I contacted that the clock that was smashed had to be created by them (that's why there are no holes on the bottom). This is because the real clocks didn't smash like they wanted. Plus, beating your hand on a regular clock would probably hurt your hand more than than the clock. The parts on the floor do not match the real clock. They're just parts from at least two models of clocks that I can tell. The light sources were altered by the props department. Also, there was a clock made that only had 5:59 and 6:00 ... no other numbers. If you look close at the clock flipping in the movie you can spot this to a degree.
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