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The Panasonic RC-6551 "Bulldozer"

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  • The Panasonic RC-6551 "Bulldozer"

    I just got done doing a full refurb on this thing. What a beast and it is as wide a bulldozer blade! Restored plastic, polished the front window, full refresh on the motor/gearbox, full warm white LED conversion (8 LEDS!!), switch cleaning, but had to actually pull apart one pot that was really bad. Also noticed a hum from the speaker (NO!!!!!!) and tracked down a bad transistor. Heck, while I was at it, I decided to do a re-cap. Runs like a champ now and no more hum.

    Well, I fell in love with it so it now lives on my nightstand. It replaced a Sony 8FC-100W which has gone up for sale....I'll miss it.

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    Oh, wow. While not quite what I'd be looking for, myself, that machine has a strong style that is very attractive, and that I'm otherwise failing to put into words.


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      And I just picked up TWO more. Another white one that will clean up very nicely and a black one. The black one has a melted bottom part of the case, but I think I can melt it back to almost the same shape. It isn't too bad off.


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        The RC-6551 is actually named the "Digi-Dater" It is a pretty impressive piece that I wouldn't mind having.
        Its a common clock on eBay, but they are always listed as "buy-it-now" for well over $100! I find it very hard to justify spending more than $50 on an old flip clock.



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          Yes, and some go north of $200 quite a bit. The Bulldozer name is just something I made up because they are so wide . I've worked on these before, but finally gave in and have one taking up massive real estate on a nightstand. Unfortunately they are prone to speaker buzz with the tuner off...usually a bad transistor. The black one I am working on has it. Luckily pretty standard parts for the circuits.