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  • Copal Model QP-212

    just got this clock from e-bay the listing says that the clock will not work. Well I need to buy a D size battery to see what its problem is. Hope what ever its problem is that it can be fixed
    Copal battery flip clock

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    With battery powered devices any sign of corrosion in the battery compartment is a bad sign.


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      Jeremy's right of course. But hopefully the corrosion did not onto internal components. I have in the past experienced a battery that had leaked, but had only caused the current flow to be blocked. After sanding the corrosion off, the clock worked fine. Good luck!
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        Nice! And quite rare too, for that matter!


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          Thanks for sharing Dragon. I happen to have a Copal QP-211, also a battery operated one. The 212 looks a bit bigger, can't say I see either model that often.

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            here is an update. I finally got a D battery for it and it came to life. (after I pulled the little chain) anyway I don't know what happed to the clock but the little tab that holds the min numbers was bent up. I bent it back down as much as I could and it seems to work fine that way. The clock keeps good time. But the alarm part of it is broken. Ever time I try to turn on the alarm it sounds. But all in all its a nice clock.

            I like your clock RetroFlip. Does yours have a chain to start it also?


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              Originally posted by Dancing Dragon View Post
              I like your clock RetroFlip. Does yours have a chain to start it also?
              No it doesn't have any chain to start, interesting to compare the two, yours must be a heavier mechanism.