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  • The New Haven Flip Clock

    The New Haven Flip Clock
    I'm very happy to announce that has obtained one of the earliest flip clocks, the highly desired New Haven flip clock!

    The New Haven Clock Company, of New Haven, Connecticut operated from 1853-1960. The company is well known amoung clock collectors and produced many varieties of table, wall and mantle clocks, including elaborate chime clocks, and later, even pocket watches. The concensus is that the New Haven Flip Clock first appeared in 1937. In 1939 an advertisement still described the clock as "modern masterpiece by New Haven that gives you the time accurately and precisely, just like you would speak it."

    After production of the New Haven Flip Clocks, 30 years would pass before the modern flip clock era began. Anyone who appreciates the clean lines and simplicity of the Cifra 3 and the elegant functionality of the early Copals will clearly see the connection to the New Haven Flip Clocks of the late 1930s.

    Two Versions of the New Haven Timepiece (Stylis and Perseus)
    There are two distinct versions of the New Haven Flip Clock. The slightly larger and more common style I will call the "Stylis" - from the paper label typically found on the bottom reading "Stylis Timepiece." And the second version which I now own the Perseus (from the label "Perseus Numeral Timepiece."). The Perseus is considerably more rare, and is more like our 60s-70s flip clocks in my opinion, with the unbalanced look due to the motor side of the clock being wider.

    Clock Images

    See the article The New Haven Time Flip Clock for more history.
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