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French Japy roll clock

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  • French Japy roll clock

    Currently for sale, in.... France, for 70 euros.

    I certainly dig it, but not 70 euros deep :-)

    Japy is a French brand which I mostly know for their wall clocks, not roll or flip clocks

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    That's very .... different, that's for sure. I wouldn't refuse it if someone gave it to me, but I'm like you, that's too much for some curiosity (about over 80 us dollars). I did go for the curious on the Elgin Cylinder Clock. They usually go for 100-150 dollars but I got mine for under $38 including shipping. The way the guy listed it on eBay scared off a lot of buyers I think. He could tell the time was off, and in his listing said "Not Cleaned Or Oiled. Not Tested. Will Not Guarantee Movement OR Keeps Correct Time. Not Tested. In As Found Condition." The clock was fine. Just needed a little adjusting that even I could do!

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      That is a lovely clock! Would be nice to fit it with a light...