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Sony Digimatic 6RC-15

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  • Sony Digimatic 6RC-15

    I picked up a Sony Digimatic 6rc-15 for $2.50 at an estate sale because it wasn't keeping time and it was extremely filthy. After cleaning it, disassembling it and repairing the mounting points in the case, I found that the main pinion on the motor that "flips" the gears on the numbers had finally cracked. I degreased it and glued it back together (who knows for how long) and now it's keeping perfect time. (Although I'm afraid to move or touch it much due to the amount of superglue holding it together!) It's amazing how the Sony engineers packed everything onto a chassis that could fit inside a cylindrical housing so well. Kudos to them for such a well built machine!

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    Damn! The superglued pinion has failed!! I guess now I'll consider other options such as JB Weld's "Steel Stik"......