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How to stop this awful noise?

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  • How to stop this awful noise?

    Hi all, I'm here to ask about an issue that I just cannot seem to solve myself. I'm the owner of an old GE 7-4305D, and the only problem I'm having with it is the gosh darn motor. I've cleaned it with alcohol, put a teeny bit of 3-in-1 on the rotor, let it dry, let it run, let it sit, etc. Nothing seems to work on this thing! The noise is intermittent but incredibly loud, until it eventually grinds to a halt. The clock still keeps perfect time, until it stops of course. I have a video of it here, and I'll answer any questions I can. Any ideas?

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    I've seen that before. The noise and function usually changes if you change the orientation of the motor. That is, point the rotor to the floor and it works better. Unfortunately, I think your motor is toast. It's been speculated that the bushing for the shaft of the rotor is shot. I don't think it's fixable. I'm thinking you need a motor replacement. I'll look at my stock and see what I've got. I may not be able to give it away, but it'll be cheaper than buying a clock..
    Your video is pretty good so I should be able to tell if I have something. I'd like to see the opposite side.
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      Ugh, alright. I was thinking that it might be a lost cause. I can send another photo or two tomorrow after I get home. And I would be interested in buying one eventually, but maybe not right away. This has just been my little adventure with mechanical fixes so far.